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µMAG -- Micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group

As part of the NIST Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science (CTCMS) mission to develop and apply state-of-the-art theoretical and computational materials science techniques, the micromagnetic modeling activity group (µMAG) was formed to address fundamental issues in micromagnetic modeling. Micromagnetics deals with magnetic materials on a mesoscopic scale which is larger than the atomic scale, yet small enough that bulk material properties are an inadequate description of the material. Micromagnetic calculations find application in both permanent and soft magnetic materials, in magnetic recording media, and in magnetic devices such as recording heads and magnetic field sensors.



Part of what µMAG does is to facilitate communication between people working in micromagnetics and in related areas. We have sponsored a number of workshops and reports are available. We also maintain a mailing list for announcements and for discussion of micromagnetics.

Standard Problems

One of the two technical µMAG activities is to develop standard problems that will allow researchers to compare computational techniques, identify problems, and detect programming bugs.

Public Code

The second technical µMAG activity arises from a demand for easy-to-use software for doing computational micromagnetics. While it may still be true that the reliability of the results depends on the skills of the operator, several freely distributed software packages are available.


Membership in µMAG is open to anyone interested in micromagnetics. Just subscribe to one of the µMAG mailing lists.
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