muMAG Workshop Report

Tuesday, April 18, 1995
San Antonio Mariott Rivercenter, TX.

The workshop was held in conjunction with the IEEE Magnetics Society INTERMAG Conference. The meeting room was filled to capacity, with an estimated 85-100 people attending. A sign-up sheet to indicate interest in further participation in muMAG activities and for copies of viewgraphs from the presentations was offered at the end of the session, with 30 responses including 14 from 10 U.S. companies.


Bob McMichael gave an introduction stating the purpose of the workshop, the formation of muMAG with invitations to register with the NIST Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science (CTCMS) www home page, and initial steps towards formation of working groups to address fundamental problems in micromagnetics. Four presentations followed:

Stan Charap (Carnegie-Mellon University) introduced the distributed center concept, the NIST CTCMS, and its functions and the inclusion of muMAG in this program.

Randy Victora (Kodak) emphasized the need for accurate materials characterization, focusing on moment density, anisotropy, exchange stiffness, and damping parameters. Several comments underscored this point.

Jimmy Zhu (U. of Minn.) presented modeling of soft and hard materials, using permalloy and recording media as examples, emphasizing the different energies and structures that must be taken into account for accurate modeling of these two types of materials.

Ferenc Vajada (GWU) & Jim Blue (NIST) presented computational issues that affect results even when material parameters are correct. In particular, stiff convergence, the necessity for iterative techniques and the existence of multivalued solutions require specialized code at present.

Points brought up in discussion

Ed Della Torre (GWU), moderator

The attendees showed enthusiastic involvement through out the workshop, and an informal show of hands indicated that at least 2/3 would find a public simple code useful. Almost an equal number thought standard problems with experimental verification would be useful.

Post Meeting Conversations

The action plan resulting from this workshop is available.

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