Solder Interconnect Design Team

Solder Interconnect


Develop and evaluate computational methods and software tools for modeling geometries in solder interconnects to improve industrial electronic packaging processes.

Problems/Issues/Challenges Addressed

Inspection and repair of solder defects in electrical and optical interconnects is expensive and labor intensive. As circuits become smaller, the importance of computational tools in integrating design and performance with manufacturability and reliability increases. The electronics industry must optimize solder interconnects, but lacks tools to predict performance and reliability of the wide range of geometries used.


Easy to use, public domain software tools that facilitate solder interconnect design.

Likely Impacts/Consequences

Faster, cheaper design and development of electronic packages.
Computer manufacturers, consumer electronics, and automotive industries.

Accomplishments and Highlights


Nist Researchers:J.A. Warren, C. Handwerker, D. Josell, W. Boettinger (MSEL)

Collaborators:K. Brakke (Susq. U), C. Bailey (Greewich U), D. Whalley (U. LB)

Industry:Motorola, DEC, Ford, Lucent, BOC Gases, AMP, Rockwell

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