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Citation: J.H. Los, and A. Fasolino (2003), "Intrinsic long-range bond-order potential for carbon: Performance in Monte Carlo simulations of graphitization", Physical Review B, 68(2), 024107. DOI: 10.1103/physrevb.68.024107.
Abstract: We propose a bond order potential for carbon with built-in long-range interactions. The potential is defined as the sum of an angular and coordination dependent short-range part accounting for the strong covalent interactions and a radial long-range part describing the weak interactions responsible, e.g., for the interplanar binding in graphite. The short-range part is a Brenner type of potential, with several modifications introduced to get an improved description of elastic properties and conjugation. Contrary to previous long-range extensions of existing bond order potentials, we prevent the loss of accuracy by compensating for the additional long-range interactions by an appropriate parametrization of the short-range part. We also provide a short-range bond order potential. In Monte Carlo simulations our potential gives a good description of the diamond to graphite transformation. For thin (111) slabs graphitization proceeds perpendicular to the surface as found in ab initio simulations, whereas for thick layers we find that graphitization occurs layer by layer.

LAMMPS pair_style lcbop (2003--Los-J-H--C--LAMMPS--ipr1)
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Notes: This file was taken from the August 22, 2018 LAMMPS distribution. The LAMMPS documentation for pair_style lcbop notes "The parameters/coefficients for the LCBOP potential as applied to C are listed in the C.lcbop file to agree with the original (Los and Fasolino) paper. Thus the parameters are specific to this potential and the way it was fit, so modifying the file should be done carefully."
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