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Note: You can use PERL regular expressions in the above search strings. PERL regular expressions are very similar to UNIX regular expressions, except that ( ) [ ] | should not have a '\' in front of them to invoke their special meaning. The very simplest expression you can use beyond just a simple string is to seperate two strings by a '|', in which case you will select anything that matches either of the two strings (e.g. putting 'joe|sam' in the name field above will search for names that have either 'joe' or 'sam' in them. Also useful is .* with will replace any sequence of characters.

Note: Names are stored as "Last, First", so to search for all names with `dy' in the first name and `oo' in the last name, use `.*oo.*, .*dy.*'.


Note: The format will let you decide how to format the output of your search. Most text will be used directly, but you can also use HTML tags, and some variables to indicate where to put the information. The following variables may be used: $NAME, $ORG, $URL, $EMAIL, $PHONE, and $UID. Also, any part of the format string enclosed in {} will be a link to their main entry.