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Version 3.0.1-dev155-g7de4a9a

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FiPy developers
Jonathan Guyer
Daniel Wheeler
James Warren

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SVN usage

All stages of FiPy development are archived in a Subversion (SVN) repository at MatForge. You can browse through the code at and, using an SVN client, you can download various tagged revisions of FiPy depending on your needs.


Be sure to follow Installation to obtain all the prerequisites for FiPy.

SVN client

An svn client application is needed in order to fetch files from our repository. This is provided on many operating systems (try executing which svn) but needs to be installed on many others. The sources to build Subversion, as well as links to various pre-built binaries for different platforms, can be obtained from

SVN tags

In general, most users will not want to download the very latest state of FiPy, as these files are subject to active development and may not behave as desired. Most users will not be interested in particular version numbers either, but instead with the degree of code stability. Different “tracking tags” are used to indicate different stages of FiPy development. You will need to decide on your own risk tolerance when deciding which stage of development to track.

A fresh copy of FiPy that is designated by a particular <label> can be obtained with:

$ svn checkout<label>

An existing SVN checkout of FiPy can be shifted to a different state of development by issuing the command:

$ svn switch<label> .

in the base directory of the working copy. The main tags (<label>) for FiPy are:

designates a released version x.y. Any released version of FiPy will be designated with a fixed tag: The current version of FiPy is 3.0.1-dev155-g7de4a9a.
designates a line of development based on a previously released version (i.e., if current development work is being spent on version 0.2, but a bug is found and fixed in version 0.1, that fix will be tagged as tags/version-0_1_1, and can be obtained from the tip of branches/version-0_1).

In addition:

designates the latest revision of any file present in the repository. FiPy is not guaranteed to pass its tests or to be in a consistent state when checked out under this tag.

Any other tags will not generally be of interest to most users.


For some time now, we have done all significant development work on branches, only merged back to trunk when the tests pass successfully. Although we cannot guarantee that trunk will never be broken, you can always check our build status page

to find the most recent revision that it is running acceptably.

For those who are interested in learning more about Subversion, the canonical manual is the online Subversion Red Bean book [SubversionRedBean].