JARVIS (Joint Automated Repository for Various Integrated Simulations) is a repository designed to automate materials discovery using classical force-field, density functional theory, machine learning calculations and experiments.

The Force-field section of JARVIS (JARVIS-FF) consists of thousands of automated LAMMPS based force-field calculations on DFT geometries. Some of the properties included in JARVIS-FF are energetics, elastic constants, surface energies, defect formations energies and phonon frequencies of materials.

The Density functional theory section of JARVIS (JARVIS-DFT) consists of thousands of VASP based calculations for 3D-bulk, single layer (2D), nanowire (1D) and molecular (0D) systems. Most of the calculations are carried out with optB88vDW functional. JARVIS-DFT includes materials data such as: energetics, diffraction pattern, radial distribution function, band-structure, density of states, carrier effective mass, temperature and carrier concentration dependent thermoelectric properties, elastic constants and gamma-point phonons.

The Machine-learning section of JARVIS (JARVIS-ML) consists of machine learning prediction tools, trained on JARVIS-DFT data. Some of the ML-predictions focus on energetics, heat of formation, GGA/METAGGA bandgaps, bulk and shear modulus. The ML webpage is visible to NIST employees only right now, but will be available publicly soon.

Presentation slides for brief overview.

More details coming soon !

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