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Selected References

Diffusion terms

  • "Defintions of Terms for diffusion in the solid state (IUPAC Recommendations 1999)" pdf.file
  • Experimental work on Multicomponent Diffusion Couples

    • "Examination of Multicomponent Diffusion between Two Ni-Base Superalloys" pdf file
    • "Interdiffusion between Ni-based superalloy and MCrAlY coating" pdf file
    • Carol, "A Study of Interdiffusion in β + γ/γ+γ' Ni-Cr-Al Alloys at 1200 C," NASA Contractor Report 174852, Feb., 1985. pdf file

    First-Principles Calculations

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    DICTRA (Diffusion Control Transformations)


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    • "Hillert, Höglund, and Ågren, "Diffusion in interstitial compounds with thermal and stoichiometric defects," J. Appl. Phys. 98 (2005). pdf file


    Diffusion in Order Phases


    • T. Helander and J. Agren, "A Phenomenological Treatment of Diffusion in Al-Fe and Al-Ni Alloys Having B2-BCC Ordered Structure," Acta Metall. 47 (1999) p.1141.
    • T. Helander and J. Agren, "Diffusion in the B2-BCC Phase of the Al-Fe-Ni System--- Application of the a Phenomenological Model," Acta Metall. 47 (1999) p. 3291

    Experimental Analysis: Inverse Methods

    • M. A. Dayananda, "Multicomponent Diffusion Studies in Selected High-temperature Alloy Systems," Materials Sci.&Eng. A121 (1989) 351.
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    Hydrogen Diffusion

    • E. Wimmer, W. Wolf, J. Sticht, P. Saxe, C. B. Geller, "Temperature-dependent diffusion coefficients from ab initio computations: Hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium in nickel," Phys. Rev. B. 77 , 2008, p. 134305.
    • J. Cermak, L. Kral, "Hydrogen diffusion in Mg-H and Mg-Ni-H alloys," Acta Mater. 2008 in press.

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    Last updated: June 4, 2008